Our Expertise

Independent consultation

We are 100% independent from acquirers, banks and other payment-service-providers - and proud of it. As a result, we work solely in the interest of our clients. Derived from our independence, we can screen and compare the offers transparently and unbiased. When working with SCUVERTA, you can be sure about finding the best card payments provider for your business.

Extensive industry knowledge and years of branch experience

The domains of card payments are complex and intransparent. Through years long working-relations with banks and two international acquirers, we have gained vast experiences in the field of card payments. We know about the challenges of national and international companies and are familiar with the necessary tender management process. Because of our experience, we know about the relevant providers and their performances. We conduct a careful examination of the different card payments providers and their offerings. Profit now of our extensive industry knowledge. Furthermore we know the latest market prices for card payments.

Cost reduction

At SCUVERTA, we reduce your costs for card payments through transparent price comparisons between the providers. We know the cost drivers of card payments from our own experience and analyse them in detail in our professional tender process.

Minimal effort, maximal success

SCUVERTA searches, compares and negotiates for you with the card payments providers - so you can stay focused on your business. Of course, we can’t do everything without you: In the first consultation session, we discuss together the needs and goals of your business. And we need your signature on the contract – but most of the work gets done in the background. We will take on the bulk of the work for you and find the best card payments provider for your business.

We’ll accompany you from A-Z

One Consultation is not enough to dig through the complex topic of how to optimize your card payment solution. Therefore, we accompany you on the whole way to the best card payments provider – from the first consultation to signing the contract.